"i think if the world is wrong, then the warped things must be everything in this world."

i track alot of things but n harmonia's tag is the only tag i check consistently it's called be ING IN LOVE just ask my father in law he can vouch for me



no words to even describe how much I prefer cold weather over hot weather 


And if you know about the physics of explosions, it gets worse. The metal shell over her head would focus the force of the blast into a tiny area, while the opening around her neck would direct the force down like a shaped charge. It’s very likely that her own skull fragments ripped the rest of her body apart. Brr.

fun tidbit I found on tv tropes wrt P’li’s death

default album art

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i feel like i want to make graphics but at the same time i really fucking don’t it’s not like fun anymore


the sailor moon franchise has grossed 1.5 billion in sales…you’d think theyd have some coins left to fix this mess








Mega Altaria gets Pixilate as its ability, so naturally I drew a pixelated Mega Altaria


nnagito replied to your post “where ya wanna go to school”

i was thinking about barnard also but idk

you should, you’re probably more likely than me to get in. where are you thinking of going??? yo i was working on college apps for like 4 hours today i’m literally suicidal

my top, top choice is sophie davis but i’m also thinking of applying to a suny school that’s affiliated with cornell university and bro wants to go there too so we could help each other out

my brother started his college apps yesterday i’m starting like tomorrow